07 June 2020

That must have been quite a prom

"This is from my dad’s senior prom in May 1971! [sic - 1970] This was taken at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School in Orange, Texas.

Apparently some time between signing the contract to play for the dance and the actual prom itself, the band broke out big. They tried to get out of the contract, but the school couldn’t find a replacement on such short notice so ZZ Top still performed. My dad said that people were climbing through the windows, crashing their prom, just to hear the band play. This was all at a really small school with a graduating class of around 100, maybe less."
More info, including comments from Billy Gibbons, at Texas Monthly.

Reposted from 2015 to add this photo of Private James Hendrix of the 101st Airborne (Fort Campbell, 1962):


  1. According to your link, the band was questioned about this photo and details in it make them conclude that the photo is from May 1970, not May 1971.

    1. I've placed the May '71 comment in quotes and added an editorial "sic" correction. Tx.

  2. Two years before that May 1970 prom, Billy Gibbons played in a psychedelic rock band, The Moving Sidewalks. They released one record, Flash. Gibbons wrote one-third of the songs and co-wrote almost one-quarter of the other songs.

    The band sounds like a bad version of Cream and Hendrix jumbled together.

    Songs Gibbons wrote: You Make Me Shake, Crimson Witch, 99th Floor, What are you Doing to Do, Need Me.

    The entire recording is up on YouTube:


  3. Similarly, my grandfather booked some two-bit yokel from Mississippi named Elvis Presley to play on the back of a cotton trailer at the St. Francis (AR) County Fair in the 1956. This was just before he first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, and no one in eastern Arkansas had heard of him at the time. The county fair organizers thought my grandfather had lost his mind, until the thousands of people who had seen him on other shows or heard him on the radio came from miles away to see him. The 1956 county fair attendance record stood until the early 1990s!

  4. Similar to our small county fair (Tioga Co. PA) having Garth Brooks booked just as his popularity was rising way back when.

  5. But how about The Who at Shawnee Mission South High School Nov. 17, 1967?


    “I can’t explain...”

  6. The Grateful Dead played a debutante ball:

    https://blog.sfgate.com/thebigevent/2015/07/01/grateful-deb-when-the-dead-played-a-debutante-ball-in-1966/ Grateful deb: When the Dead played a debutante ball in 1966


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