11 June 2020

Cop issues warning to black man for driving 65 in a 70 mph zone

Literally warned for driving 65.  North Carolina.

TBH, I did not view the entire video; I skipped ahead in jumps until I got to the 3:45 mark, where the cop presents the driver with a warning "No court date, no fine.  You throw the paper away when you get home.  Nothing to worry about."  He then walks away, ignoring the driver's question "What was the warning for, sir?"

The driver then gets out of his car (bravely, I think) to approach the cop to repeat his question about what the warning was for.

The cop's reply is at 4:33.  "For driving under the speed limit, OK?  Wouldn't you consider it kind of suspicious to be driving under the speed limit?"

If you have friends who doubt that racial profiling occurs, share this video with them.

Discussion thread here.

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  1. I've heard of people being stopped for driving too slow, creating a hazard on the freeway... but five miles under is not that much (and I assume most in a 70mph area are going closer to 75).

    1. Also, several years ago I didn't have a drivers license (mostly from laziness and lack of money). But I continued to drive, just very carefully, mindful of all the traffic laws... always making sure my lights were in working order.
      I'd regularly drive just a tad under the speed limit. 65 in a 70 zone would be about right.
      Never got stopped once.
      But am I black? Nope.

  2. I think you will find this an appropriate story to add to this thread:


  3. If you have friends who doubt that racial profiling occurs, share this video with them.

    Yes, because no white person has ever received such a ticket.

    1. there is no doubt it is profiling (which does occur with all races, but the majority are black people). The officer needed a reason to stop the guy and concocted this ridiculous excuse. It is not illegal to drive 5 mph under the speed limit.

      If ANYONE received such a ticket, the police issuing it needs to go back to the academy. The concept that most have of the speed limit is frustrating. It is a limit, and not a floor, but a ceiling. When the local grocery store has a sale on soup and the sign says "Limit of 5," does that mean you are expected to take 6 or 7, but certainly never less than 5? The local water ferry is limited to 24 passengers. Does the operator wait until 27 people are aboard to get under way? Why have drivers been taught that the speed limit is the lowest speed you are expected to drive?

      I am one of those people that 99% of drivers hate. I drive the speed limit, or generally slightly under, especially in residential and commercial areas. I am old now so I am sure people just see some old guy who won't get out of thew way and is holding up their life. I was taught to drive at or below the limit, and have been driving that way for 50 years. And no lectures about the 85th percentile, an idea that is quietly falling out of favor. I will admit to driving over the limit on interstates and such. All of the traffic is going the same direction, not much chance of someone pulling out in front of me, and no kids or cyclists.

      Lastly, cyclists lives matter.

    2. An imperfect but interesting analogy regarding white privilege:


  4. Just to be clear, especially regarding the lady and the black poodle, the Michigan impeding traffic law says the left lane of any Michigan state highway is for passing only and you must move to the right if you’re "blocking" traffic. Blocking is viewed as driving under the posted speed.

    Courts in 3 states, and at least 1 Federal Appellate court, have ruled that laws regarding impeding traffic cannot be used as the sole reason to pull a car over.

  5. It's the speed *limit.* It's the maximum you should go. This assumes that you will be traveling *slower* than that speed. This driver was pulled over for FOLLOWING THE LAW.

    We're overdue to defund the police.


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