07 June 2020

Topological map of the world

"In cartography and geology, a topological map is a type of diagram that has been simplified so that only vital information remains and unnecessary detail has been removed. These maps lack scale, and distance and direction are subject to change and variation, but the relationship between points is maintained. A good example is the tube map of the London Underground or the map for the New York City Subway."
The discussion thread at the MapPorn source includes comments by the artist regarding the technique he used to generate the map.  When you look at it in detail, it is really quite interesting.


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    1. Thank you. I did realize that would be the case for the Faroe Islands, but for some reason I forgot that Greenland, despite its size relative to its home country, is as you say, merely a territory rather than its own nation.

  2. link to source, please?


  3. An earlier post (June 3 - A guaranteed win for a "bar bet") said that France's longest border is with Brazil. Yet in this map France and Brazil do not share a border. Map error? Or better not place that bet?

    1. The bet is still good. The topo map maker left this explanation:

      A few caveats: I had to ignore a few exclaves and territories to make this map at all feasible. Most notably, Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast, the Spanish exclaves in Morocco, the Angolan exclave that borders the Republic of the Congo, the British Mediterranean exclaves (Gibraltar and the two on Cyprus), and - the biggest and baddest - French Guyana.


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