26 June 2020

Americans eat dessert for breakfast

Thirteen minutes long, but engagingly well done.  I enjoyed it because for months now I've been skipping breakfasts in order to fast eighteen hours a day.


  1. >I enjoyed it because for months now I've been skipping breakfasts in order to fast eighteen hours a day.

    Is there some benefit to fasting eighteen hours a day?

    1. Yes, lots of them. Start with this article from Johns Hopkins -


    2. I have a tendancy to have midnight snacks. It messes with my morning blood sugar number, which is supposed to be fasting. But when you get up at 1am and eat leftover pasta, you dont get a true reading.
      So a while back I stopped eating breakfast at 8. I started waiting until either my sugar number was a true fasting or else I just couldnt stand it anymore. There are lots of days now I dont eat my first meal until noon, and lunch is usually about the time I get off.
      The overall result has been I eat less day to day, and it seems like I am more alert and productive when I am hungry.

  2. Most of the stuff he's going on about is aimed at kids... kids see it and demand it. I don't know any adults who eat the stuff, if they eat breakfast at all.
    Mine is usually coffee. Maybe an egg sandwich.
    Some saturdays I DO indulge in my vegetarian version of English breakfast, definitely with the tomatoes, beans and mushrooms.

  3. I laughed all the way through this. While most of the time some fruit (also a sugar) is breakfast. I certainly have had a slice of cake for breakfast, or some cookies, or a couple of donuts. Yeah I'm guilty.

  4. what is served for breakfast in some countries i would count as a dinner here in the usa. i don't want a heavy meal at 0800 and i don't want 'cocoa shugar bombz' either. but i don't want to eat dinner three times day.


  5. Related: https://www.discovermagazine.com/health/video-should-you-eat-breakfast

  6. The problem with "American" breakfast is the same as with all "American" food. Too much fat, too much sugar. And to make it worse, the McDonald's business model has driven the chase for cheapening ingredients while propping up the flavor. The end result: junk food.

    Other parts of the world do not have the same high levels of food chains that put profits over nutritional value.


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