29 June 2020

Door stacks, AKA "the gates of hell"

The top one appears to have been modified; the second is apparently a more conventional (?) recruitment (?) video.  There is a compilation of them here, filmed with the annoying vertical format, a discussion of them at Reddit, and some explanatory notes at Atlas Obscura and at Neatorama.

I'll defer any personal commentary, since this phenomenon appears to occur in a separate reality with which I am not familiar.

Reposted from 2016 for reasons that escape me.


  1. You might find this comparison interesting:

    1. It's not very often that I'm left speechless, but this topic just....

  2. Does Frat and Sorority membership actually lead to opportunities later in life? Seems like another institution to dismantle in the pursuit of equality.

    But, I'm in the UK where the secret university cabals are much more niche. The Bullingdon club was founded at Oxford University in 1780, and a whole bunch of former members have reached lofty heights in UK government, including the current PM.

    1. In Alabama it DEFINITELY does.
      By the way, the one at 00:28 of the compilation got stuck in my head for the a whole week when I saw it sometime last year....
      And I have a strong urge to sing it now. Ugh.


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