20 June 2020

Poor judgment

They are using baby oil rather than sunscreen.  Photo via the trashy subreddit.


  1. Yes, lots of poor decisions in evidence here. But since you mentioned baby oil; I grew up in Southern Florida, in the city of Opa Locka (Google that and check out the town hall). In the 50s and 60s, my mom had us use baby oil because it kept our skin from drying out when in the sun, which was all the time. Maybe it worked in that regard as my skin still looks good for a man in his 7th decade. On the other hand, I've had seven plastic surgeries and 2 Moh's surgeries due to melanoma. Don't be like these people and compound your past mistakes by using baby oil rather than sunscreen (at least SPF 30).

    Or perhaps plastic surgery could be an improvement...?

    I guess they are not in Germany.

  2. So called white supremacists wanting to look a bit darker skinned lol.

  3. These are prime examples of the Supreme Race, right?

  4. For this man's sake, I hope he never has to travel to Germany. That symbol is rightly outlawed there, as I understand it.

    1. Yeah, he has a lot going on there. A swastika, a Schutzstaffel symbol, and the 88.

      Of course, in Germany, you can be fined just for calling someone an asshole.

  5. I assume they won't be voting for Biden.

  6. The baby oil must really work, it looks like her baby is due very soon.


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