08 June 2020

Married during quarantine

"You may now elbow-tap the bride."  Via.


  1. My son got married during the quarantine. They had a moderately sized wedding planned (about 100 people) for the first weekend of April. On March 16th, our state pretty much shutdown, gatherings of more than 10 prohibited, etc. Wedding and reception cancelled. They had procrastinated regarding getting the marriage license, so with the shutdown, they could not even get a license in our state. Ended up getting married in late March in a Fairfax (VA) courthouse that was still open, due to close up the next day. My wife and I were unable to attend, so just her parents. Hoping for some kind of marriage celebration in late summer, but we'll see. Life goes on...

    On a side note, all parties involved refunded payments that had been made except for the caterer. The company said the contract stated no refunds unless cancelled 30 days prior to the date. That still has not been resolved.

  2. I know this isn't the point of the piece but that mask is gorgeous -- I think people are underestimating the style-potential in masks!

    1. My first thought was, "Why is she wearing a bra as a mask."


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