09 June 2020

Not The Onion

MOSCOW — The Russian Foreign Ministry urged the U.S. authorities to respect Americans’ right for peaceful protest amid the wave of demonstrations sparked by George Floyd’s death... She also pointed out numerous journalists, including Russian reporters, were hurt while covering the protests. 

 Moscow long has bristled at Washington’s criticism of its human rights record amid Russia-U.S. tensions. Zakharova sought to turn the tables on the U.S. by pointing to the authorities forceful response to protests.

She says “it’s time for the U.S. to drop the mentor’s tone and look in the mirror,” challenging the U.S. authorities to “start respecting people’s rights and observing democratic standards at home.”  


  1. No mentions yet of an "American Spring"?

  2. Well, the USA does like to be the leader in all things.

    1. Correction; we like to steal everyone else's ideas and then take credit for them ourselves. America hasn't led in anything except failure in a very long time.


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