10 June 2020

The title says it all

Just a reminder for readers in other countries and those with short-term political memory loss - the term "standard bearer" refers to the fact that Mitt Romney was the Republican party's nominee for President in 2012, winning 2,061 of the 2,286 votes at the convention (over Ron Paul, Rick Santorum et al).

I think it was on the PBS Newshour this past week that either Mark Shields or David Brooks noted how sad it is that John McCain is no longer with us.


  1. If John McCain was still with us, the current state of the Republican Party would probably just kill him again.
    I never would have guessed that in 2020 I'd be wishing that Mitt Romney was the Republican Presidential Candidate.

  2. I don't know overly much about politics in the USA, but I would vote for Romney over Trump (who wouldn't ?) and over the Slytherin voiced Biden.
    Is there a 'physiognomy' version of voice ?
    But I reckon Bernie Sanders would best solve America's ills.


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