04 June 2020

Terrible (and misleading) graph

Do you see the problem with it?  Answer below the fold.

The y-axis is inverted - with higher numbers at the bottom.

Reportedly not intended to be misleading.  The intention was for the red color to resemble blood dripping down (as in this Iraq war graph).  Via.


  1. I like upside down maps, they show New Zealand (where I live) as being separate, lofty and sort of on top of the world.
    But those maps are obvious because all the other ones are what is imprinted on our brains.
    Unlike graphs, where we start each viewing afresh.
    I hereby pass a law that all graphs shall have an attached compass, to show people what is up with them.
    By the way, please vote for a different president in September, anyone will do.
    Anyone apart from the one you have now will be a vast improvement.

    1. The problem is, the way our federal elections work, we only really get to vote for one other alternative. All other names on the ballot are for publicity of the candidates and to give the illusion of choice.

    2. The first drawn maps did place south on top....


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