17 June 2020

Regarding the upcoming Bolton book

As reported by Vice:
The Trump administration just slapped John Bolton with a lawsuit to try and stop his tell-all book from coming out. 
The suit aims to block Bolton from publishing “The Room Where it Happened” next Tuesday, June 23, as scheduled, arguing that Bolton risks “compromising national security.” 
The fresh legal drama raises the bizarre spectacle of a sitting president overseeing a civil lawsuit against his own former national security advisor, over a book that reportedly describes Trump committing a series of improper acts with the leaders of multiple foreign countries. 
Now, Trump is on a legal rampage against the man he once appointed to help him make his most important national security decisions — while trying to get Bolton to keep his mouth shut about what he saw and heard at Trump’s elbow. 
Trump probably won’t be able to stop Bolton, thanks to the Constitution’s strong protections on free speech. But he still seems determined to try... 
The book portrays Trump’s White House as singularly obsessed with securing Trump’s reelection over all other priorities, and engaging in a wide variety of improper international deal-making with multiple foreign countries, according to the publisher’s description.
Requested from our library.  I'm #141 on the waiting list.


  1. Thanks for the hint -- it is on order at my library and I just requested it.

  2. I'm 63rd on our local library's list!

  3. The willingness of his staff write "tell-all" books about him is telling of the character of the company Trump keeps. Can we file this under "you reap what you sow"?

  4. I'm no fan of Bolton and my assumption is that the audience for this book aren't either... it's just more Trump Smut and won't move the needle one tick. Trump trying to prevent it being published is doing Bolton a favor in sales.
    I've got better things that need reading and no desire to give that guy a penny for telling me new stories about how cretinous our 'leaders' are.

  5. It is surprising to me that there remains a market for 'tell-all' books about the administration. What surprise can there possibly be? The man is a maffia boss with an inferiority complex. Details are not relevant. What's relevant is how to get rid of him, and then how to get him behind Ba(r)rs.


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