15 June 2020

Joe Biden campaign ad

The ad features footage of Lindsey Graham (real, not fake) castigating Donald Trump prior to the 2016 election and praising Joe Biden ("... what's not to like? ... as good a man as God ever made") (separate video* re Biden at the link).

The ad will run in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Washington DC - on Fox News !!

Via BoingBoing, where there is a trenchant discussion thread.

* "The video [praising Biden] is from when Biden attended a ceremony marking Graham ending 33 years of service with the Air National Guard. Biden had a habit of doing this kind of thing, and establishing thereby personal relationships with Republican senators, which is part of why he talks so much about reaching across the aisle. What I think he doesn’t appreciate is the degree to which the set of Republicans amenable to this kind of approach has either died, been replaced by tea party or Qanon fanatics, or, like Graham, given up what little soul they might once have had to the Impeached One."


  1. Not sure such an ad will get Biden extra votes. It might cost Graham votes. Which is fine, but that's not the stated goal.

  2. Talk about two birds with one stone! This is designed to both pick up centrist conservative votes for Biden and discourage MAGAs from voting for Graham. Brilliant.

  3. The context is obviously disconnected.
    Sen Graham on the campaign trail denouncing Trump and probably Graham discussing Biden after one of his families tragedies.
    Statements on the record do matter.

    I am curious if Sen. Graham will refute the ad or disown his comments.

  4. I'm not sure that Biden's team wants to get into past statements...

    1. Probably not, then again...



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