10 June 2020

"Nougat" explained

Probably TMI, but it does include some interesting food-making video segments, and it is a thing you wouldn't know, which was the original purpose of this blog.  You can scan the Wikipedia entry instead if you're in a hurry.

Etymology: From French nougat, from Occitan nogat, from noga (“nut”), from Latin nux (“nut”). Compare Spanish nu├ęgado.


  1. Bullshit, doc. The actual mantra of the industry isn't so much about selling air, it may add size but not significant weight. Also adding minuscule amounts of air into food is anything but cheap: All that whipping and protein to trap it required!

    Nope the cheapest ingredient of all, at 1 cent an ounce, is in fact sugar. And it makes people addicted, diabetic and obese, too. It's a slam dunk of a racket.

    Also, it's curious how during a 12 min video that don't drop the word FOAM, even once, instead they use these obscure and mysterious euphemisms like meringue, fluff, continuous phase, dispersed bubbles, aerated sugar syrup.

    Foam, edible packing peanuts, sugared egg-whites, may not be so appetizing?

    This superfluous industry, like all of food scams is about selling the cheapest possible ingredients in colorful and elaborate packaging, to the most vulnerable.

    They also start talking about childhood preferences, and the supposed great variety, which is an apparent misdirection and distraction. The analogy to bread is straight up obscene, it its dishonesty. Although bread did become more like that highly refined industrial sugary crapola, and there too added sugar and enzymes starts replacing some of the more traditional ingredients.

    1. aero milk chocolate bars - they are filled with 'light bubbles of air'. available in canada.


    2. The point is the scam isn't as simple as selling air. The fake explanation however as is often the case inhibits further understanding and inquiry.

      The Food industry is selling added value by creating experience, taste and texture out of very cheap and unhealthy ingredients. They drive demand by advertisement, conditioning and addiction.

      While ingested air is easily remedied by a burp, an insulin resistance that we grow and nurture since childhood through adulthood has no known cures.

  2. Most disturbing (not counting the very real issues Anonymous raises above) is the guy's head is level with the candy! Is he crouching by the table? Sitting on a low stool? CREEPING IN THE KITCHEN!!! AARRGGHH! (sorry/not sorry :)

  3. I dropped in to say how much I've come to appreciate Adam Ragusea's videos, this one too. But comments here pretty brutal like he's a stooge of the industrial food production business. He got me to start buying real garlic after a good comparison between real, jar, powder.


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