19 June 2020

Divertimento #181 (gifs)

Trestle bridge burns down (informed comment in the thread)
Human fertility has been falling worldwide for 100 years
Restocking trout (note how some instinctively try to swim "upstream")
Academy Award nominee for Best Live Action Short [15 minutes]
The most popular TV series from 1951-2019
Animations can be modified and reused
Long eyelashes on a windy boat ride
Divers in India decide to clean the ocean floor of plastic
Instant karma for man who throws stuff at protestors

Nature and Science
The mud in some woodland puddles is deep
Square gears meshing
Coronavirus cases worldwide by country, February to May

Caterpillar of the archduke butterfly
Coyote and badger hanging out together

Impressive or clever
Quarry workers ride the rails to get back home (1935)
Andre the Giant's hand size
Near-world's record Rubik's cube solving (4 seconds!!)
Kid rides a tire down a hill - and back up!
You won't believe this pen
Box falls off truck, goes back in.  Twice.

Fails (trigger warning for trauma for several in this category)
Man tries to jump into water; yacht gets in the way
Paralyzed man pulled from his car by police officer

Sports and athleticism
Parkour fail
Rock climber Sofya Yokoyama pretends the floor is lava

Humorous or cheerful
Heavy equipment operator entertains some kids
Rescued miniature horse enjoys leg braces
Good clean fun at a party
There are worse jobs than weighing penguins

The embedded images are from a gallery of the artwork of Edmund Dulac posted at Messy Nessy Chic, via Neatorama.


  1. The agate with water is common enough that they have a name - Enhydro

  2. Actually that's one squirrel and one chipmunk and a slinky!

    1. You're quite correct! I've amended the description accordingly. Thanx, Mariann.


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