16 June 2020

Peregrine falcons in Madison, Wisconsin

Story at the Wisconsin State Journal.

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  1. Peregrines stay with their mate for life and usually return to the same spot to nest.

    Found this today: "The male passes prey it has caught to the female in mid-air. To make this possible, the female actually flies upside-down to receive the food from the male's talons."

    That would be a sight to see!

    Baltimore has a pair of peregrines, Boh (a local beer) and Barb (as in Mikulski, former senator). They nest on a ledge on the 33rd floor of the Transamerica building downtown. Their chicks hatched in March and have already left the nest. Boh and Barb are descendants from the same falcon family that has been nesting at the Transamerica building since 1977.

    Webcam: https://youtu.be/pDzgu0ihW8g


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