07 February 2012

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite authors

At its source, the map is interactive, offering references to the relevant novels and links to an 1859 map, Google Maps, and Wikipedia.


  1. curiously (no coincidental wording intended) this map (1859) omits "the old curiosity shop," which is an attraction on the modern LSE campus...

    Dickens' story (1840) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Curiosity_Shop
    The actual shop (dates back to 16th century): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Curiosity_Shop#Allusions.2Freferences_to_actual_history.2C_geography

    - a current LSE student

    1. That is interesting. Your Wikipedia link says this:

      A shop named 'The Old Curiosity Shop' can be found at 13–14 Portsmouth Street, Westminster, London, WC2A 2ES, in amongst the London School of Economics. The building dates back to the sixteenth century, but this name was added after the novel was released, as it was thought to be the inspiration for Dickens' description of the antique shop.

      And this from the person who developed the map:

      The Old Curiosity Shop on Portsmouth Street in Holborn, dating from 1567, claims to be the inspiration for the shop in the novel although there seems to be no evidence to support this. It currently operates as a shoe store.

  2. curious! wretched tourist attractions...

    (as an insider note, despite being a shoe-store, they appear to have séances or some kind of candle-lit ceremonies after hours... observed whilst leaving the library after studying until an ungodly hour)


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