14 February 2012


We'll defer any comment about what that guy is doing out there.  And, yes, I do think it's probably 'shopped, but it's still a remarkable image.  Via.

Or perhaps it's a real photo taken at Victoria Falls (hat tip to Talon Sensai).


  1. While very possibly 'shopped in this day and age, my guess is that it is a shot of the Devil's pool at Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Probably after the rainy season, judging by the flow, possibly in winter, judging by the coat and hat. For similar pics, visit this link http://amazingdata.com/the-devils-swimming-pool-swim-on-the-edge-of-the-victoria-falls/

  2. Supposedly, there was an artist who, called upon the paint a picture of peacefulness, painted just such a raging torrent...and a tiny bird sitting on a branch overlooking it all, singing sweetly. That was his idea of true peace. It was not the absence of danger, but the overwhelming presence of peace and centeredness.

    Of course, having stood in similar places during my dangerous years (back when whitewater rafting was my hobby), it just might be someone who wanted to do something "different."

  3. The creator, Dimitar Variysky, has himself categorized the image as "Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Surreal" when he put the image on his DeviantArt account dechobek almost two years ago. His gallery there is worth a visit!

    1. Thank you, tosommerfugle. Can we be reasonably certain that he created it, rather than just collecting it and interpreting it that way?

      There's a lot of stuff in his gallery, and it's hard for me to believe he created all of them himself. (If so, I'm very impressed).

    2. I have no non-Internet knowledge of him, but to me he appears to be "for real". The gallery has 123 images, and has been built over a period of several years, with no signs of him being exposed as a fraud. DeviantArt has a lot of members which can get very emotional and harsh if they spot a thief. In that case, they'd definitely not leave so many positive comments :-)

      I also notice a consistent style, which is likely to be from the same mind. To me, there is no "red flag". And it is indeed an impressive portfolio.


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