13 February 2012

Skulls on stakes excavated in Sweden

The skulls were discovered with the stakes still firmly embedded inside them, reaching from the base of the skull to the top of the cranium.

Other remains were also found at the site, among them skull fragments from 11 people of varying ages and animal bones. Radiocarbon dating confirms that all of the bones are the same age: 8,000 years old. That makes these heads on spikes the oldest ones found in the world, and by a lot.

The lake bed, a shallow lake during the Neolithic, was used as a ceremonial burial ground during the Mesolithic era...

This excavation site has been a regular source of unique discoveries over the past two years. It gained immediate notoriety last summer when a Stone Age antler bone dildo was discovered by the same team that found the spiked skulls. Then last October the team discovered a treasure trove of artifacts — parts of a bow, a paddle, an axe handle and blade — all made out 9000-year-old wood.
Found in The History Blog.


  1. My great Uncle Svenson did this, to keep the Tollefson boys from coming around our women...

    If I had two nickels to rub together, I would pull up stakes and go search for artifacts in the Artic. This will probably be a great year here in North America, seeing as how it's been so warm. I burn with envy. Examining this stuff in situ must be such a rush.

    1. Better get up there soon. They started finding fantastic artifacts over two years ago, just lying there as the ice retreats -



  2. I'll pick you up on the way if I can hustle up a seaplane! Hmmm. Harrison Ford has a nice one...De Havilland Beaver



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