13 February 2012


A remarkable adaptation - look at that ragged wing and the "woody" legs.  I presume it's a sort of leafhopper *(?), but I can't find an original credit via the source, or any other use via TinEye reverse image search.  A Google translation of the source text seems to indicate that it was photographed in Peru.

(See also this leaf insect).

* it's a "leaf katydid" (typophyllum) - and from the pix at the second link, perhaps they can change colors (?with the seasons?).  Hat tip to Lady Aritê gunê Akasa for the i.d.


  1. It's some sort of katydid. Looks similar to the one from Costa Rica pictured here: http://www.ryanphotographic.com/crypsis.htm

    1. You're absolutely correct. I found some more pix and a tentative identification of the group as "typophyllum." Info added to the post. Thank you.


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