29 February 2012

"Keep calm and carry on"

Nurses clearing debris from one of the wards in St. Peter's Hospital, Stepney, East London, on April 19, 1941. (AP Photo)

 From an Atlantic gallery of forty-five WWII photos of "women at war." (click for bigger)


  1. Can you imagine the Health and Safety flap if they were working in that environment now? Dangerous site, no hard-hats, no fall-prevention, no dust-suppression, probably asbestos everywhere, quite likely unexploded ordnance not far away...

  2. Four generations of women in my family have served in the military, starting with my great aunt, an Army nurse who served in France during WWI. I think most people would be astonished at the roles played by "women at war", particularly in light of the fuss over women serving in combat. We've been serving at the front for a long, long time.

    They are collecting stories at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation (www.womensmemorial.org) and the Veterans' Memory Project (www.thememoryproject.com). Encourage your elderly female relatives and friends to talk about this - we've lost so much of this history because they have never been encouraged to share their memories.

  3. What a great photo to remember nurses of a past era

  4. A true demonstration of "keep calm and carry on."

    1. Perfect! I've changed the title of the post. Thanks, Unknown.


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