23 May 2010

Two unrelated items offered without comment

The top photo (via Nothing to do With Arbroath), comes from a story at the Sidney Morning Herald.
Unfamiliar faces...Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff arrive at Cannes, and inset, as they appeared on TV in the 1980s. Photo: Getty
I found the Facebook (?) item in a Reddit thread.


  1. May I suggest an alternative?

    Acromegaly Hands are great for diagnosis and are not modified by plastic surgery.

    Take a look at this picture from the Daily Mail. http://xrl.in/5fbn Note the lifted hand. It is puffy. I believe it is similar to the hand on the right from Wikipedia. http://xrl.in/5fbq.

    Already floating around when I was at medical school was a possibly apocryphal story of an elevator operator transporting world famous endocrinologists to their work. Slowly and insidiously this unfortunate man became disfigured and not even the great neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing said anything. Everybody pitied the poor man but assumed a colleague was following him.

    Look at some Bogdanoff pix from a decade ago available on the web. There were far more subtle facial changes already then. These are brilliant men who have developed enemies in the scientific establishment. Academics can be as mean and as catty as Hollywood divas.

    The London tabloids are not the best source for scientific reporting.

    Feel free to present these images in a more accessible form.

  2. Both their chins are abnormally long. That isn't something you'd try to accomplish with plastic surgery, I shouldn't think. If anything, you'd want to reduce the size.

    On the other hand, I wonder if some of the rumors had to do with their having had plastic surgery to try to reduce or eliminate the signs of acromegaly, apparently not very successfully.

  3. The top photo certainly seems to draw more attention.

    But the FaceBook one is more real...and more rankling.
    Maybe it's just because I'm an old hippie (from MN, too). But more likely, it's because I'm a father.

    To see an adult being intentionally "mean" to a child. Moreover, that adult is being intentionally racist to a child...then bragging about it!

    Just reprehensible.

    Yes, the child was likely a minor nuisance. But there are much easier ways to put the child off. Children are gullible, trusting, and easy to fool; she could have turned the child away without being hurtful. She chose to be cruel to a child..and brag about it.

  4. "Muslin" child?

    Does she have something against cotton?

  5. I'm actually familiar with the acromegalic face, but my understanding is that such faces typically have coarse, thickened skin, unlike the smooth crows-feet-free faces these two gentlemen sport, which to me signals Botox and silicone.

    I suppose it's possible they are using cosmetic enhancements to "cover" the effect of acromegaly, but to my knowledge acromegaly isn't a twin-related phenomenon. I'd rather bet that their prominent chins (maxillary prognathism) is inherited. What their (especially younger) faces remind me most of is the Hapsburg Jaw, or Chin, or whatever.

    But I'll bet you a pizza that all the rest is cosmetic "enhancement."

  6. I'm not sure why the second one is so interesting (besides the misspelling--it reminds me of a comic about "Muslin Fundamentalists" I once saw). The mom doesn't seem to be anti-Muslim, just trying to find a fairy non-confrontational way of not letting the friend to dinner.


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