30 May 2010

Notice to burglars

Source: The Atchison Globe, December 15, 1882 via Ye Olde News.


  1. Reminds me of Mark Twain and Dorothy Sturgis' illustrated placard, "Notice. To the Next Burglar." after the Clemens family silver had been stolen.
    To the next Burglar.
    There is nothing but plated ware in this house, now and henceforth.
    You will find it in that brass thing in the dining-room over in the corner by the basket of kittens.
    If you want the basket, put the kittens in the brass thing. Do not make a noise -- it disturbs the family.
    You will find rubbers in the front hall, bu that thing which has the umbrellas in it, chiffonier, I think they call it, or pergola, or something like that.
    Please Close the door when you go away!
    Very truly your
    Sl. Clemens"

    Image of the original and a small amount of backstory can be found here (http://www.twainquotes.com/angelfish/angelfish.html)
    near the bottom.

  2. A very interesting link. Thanks, Conor!



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