23 May 2010

Television programs of 1978

This 9-minute segment of CBS' 50th anniversary television special introduces the celebrities associated with that network.  Back in 1978 I had just moved to Kentucky and started a new job; there was no internet and there were no personal computers, and cable TV was in its infancy, so we had time to watch television.

I kept track during this video and discovered I could remember over half of the 100+ personalities showcased.  If an equivalent video were shown with 2010 programs, I'd probably recognize less than 10% (unless it was the Weather Channel).

Found at the ever-interesting Miss C Recommends, where those of you younger than me may find more familiarity in the equivalent program for NBC from 1986.


  1. Well, that was nostalgic as all get out. The smiles on their faces... courtesy of Johnson & Johnson/Buick perhaps, but wow what a parade of nothing but filtering talented people into their designated days (copyright). I enjoyed it for what it was, but that was pretty shameless self-promotion.

    I think the most pathetic element is at the very end. It resembles a classmates reunion. "Remember when we had that great time?"

    "Yea, that was fun."

    "Remember when that one guy gave us the Beatles?"

    "Yeah, okay I gotta get going now."

  2. Wow. I remembered most of them, too. These days, if the celeb hadn't appeared on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or Battlestar Gallactica, I probably wouldn't have a clue.

  3. this is actually kind of cool. unfortunately (or it COULD be fortunate if we were playing some type of trivia game) i know a great deal more than 50% of them.

  4. Very cool!, but where were the actors from Dallas?


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