30 May 2010

Bust of a Veiled Woman (Corradini, ~1720)

From the collections of the Museo del Settecento Veneziano, Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice.  This represents superb technical skill on the part of the artist, but I'm embarrassed to admit that my first impression on viewing it is that it looks not like a "veiled" woman, but like a "slimed" woman.

Via Couleurs.


  1. The drapery does seem to cling as though moist.

  2. I have to admit my first thought was "slime" - or of Ophelia from Hamlet draped in water weeds. I found your site when I was googling around for "veiled busts" because my father told me tonight about another veiled bust at the Musee de Beax-Arts in Nice which can be seen at this site here (thanks google - hope you can see it):


    Less slime-like, more diaphonosity, by an anonymous sculptor. Stunning.

    1. Yes, especially when you consider the medium used to achieve the effect.


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