30 May 2010

Brazil - trailer and end credits

I suddenly realized that I've never posted any videos of one of my favorite movies.  Herewith remedied.


  1. you have great taste, my favourite film too.

  2. ***SPOILER***

    Some film alright. I remember watching it for the second time on TV (an english channel, can't recall which) and I noticed that they cut out the ending! It show's you him being rescued and then it's over, they didn't show where he actually was the whole time! I just thought it destroyed the whole premise of the film.. and why was it cut? Oh well *sigh* Brazil hummm-hummm-hummm

  3. Stephen --

    "US distribution was handled by Universal. Universal executives thought the ending tested poorly, and Universal chairman Sid Sheinberg insisted on dramatically re-editing the film to give it a happy ending, a decision that Gilliam resisted vigorously. As with the cult science fiction film Blade Runner (1982), which had been released three years earlier, a version of Brazil was created by the movie studio with a more consumer-friendly ending. After a lengthy delay with no sign of the film being released, Gilliam took out a full-page ad in the trade magazine Variety urging Sheinberg to release Brazil in its intended version. Eventually, after Gilliam conducted private screenings (without the studio's approval), Brazil was awarded the Los Angeles Film Critics Association award for "Best Picture", which prompted Universal to finally agree to release a modified 131-minute version supervised by Gilliam, in 1985." (from Wikipedia)

  4. Just a dissenting vote -- I wept through Brazil when I saw it in 1985 in the theater. I found it as painful and confusing as being caught up in someone else's nightmare. Hated the experience of that movie, every minute.

    This, despite being a huge Terry Gilliam fan -- love every other one of his movies.

    (sigh) I'll put it on my Netflix list and see it again. Maybe after 25 years I'll have some sort of detachment.

  5. Vivi - may I suggest you consider watching one of the DVDs that has a "director's comments" or some other film analysts comments overdubbed on a separate track. It may take some of the "sting" out of the viewing experience to hear Terry Gilliam explain how he achieved various special effects like the flying man and the emerging skyscrapers.

  6. I very highly recommend the Brazil box set issued as part of The Criterion Collection. It has both the US and European releases AND the 94 minute cut of Brazil with the all the changes that Gilliam refused to make. There is also a great documentary of the whole struggle of bringing Brazil to the screen and the battle between Gilliam and the studio. Plus, there are a whole host of other documentaries, commentaries, storyboards, etc. If you really love the movie or love movies in general, I highly recommend this box set as well as other movies issued by The Criterion Collection.

    Was all of this only in Sam Lowry's head?

  7. I will vigorously second Jeff's comment. It was the Criterion Collection DVDs that I watched to see all the versions of the movie.

    Might as well give them a plug now...



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