16 May 2010

Tea Party inconsistency

Credit to Joe Heller, via The Pajama Pundit.


  1. See this:


  2. I was equally dismayed recently to learn of a poll (http://people-press.org/report/613/arizona-immigration-law) that shows more than 70% of Americans favor requiring people to show citizenship documents to police, if asked for them. Even worse to me is that DEMOCRATS were split 45 to 46 percent! I have grown accustomed to Republicans and their national security BS, but Democrats have GOT to start providing a foil. They used to be the alternative, but now they're not all that different.

  3. As the years go by, I am less and less convinced that the Republicans and the Democrats are really any different. But that's a big topic.

    BTW, if an Arizona cop pulls me over and says "Papers!" and I say "Scissors!", do I win?

  4. That is the only sane answer for such a demand. I'm convinced of it. xD

  5. Re:Replying "Scissors!"

    What if the unfortunate Hispanic responds "Si', sor!" ?

    Will the cop think he's a smart aleck and go all Rodney King on him?


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