30 May 2010

Rachel Maddow crucifies British Petroleum

She compares the response to the current crisis with the response 30 years ago to similar events.


  1. Only in your dreams, or should that be nightmares?


  2. just a figure of speech.

    I don't know how else to put how I feel into words. Extreme rage mixed with revolting embarrassment.

    I just feel like our dept to this planet is reaching quadruple overload levels. and the "pop" to our little bubble is coming soon.

    I feel as scared and helpless for the future as a bunch of animals do right now. Yet I'll be fine because they won't. I live because they die.


  3. Robb;

    I WASN'T commenting on your comment, I was in effect agreeing with you. That situation (or should that be all four situations) are the stuff that nightmare are made of.



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