30 May 2010

Here's an "oil leak widget"

From PBS, which offers these other data estimates if you want to adjust the widget:
Here's a look at some of the other numbers that form the basis of our oil leak range, including our update on May 21 about reports of a new estimate on the way:

* NOAA | 210,000 gal/day
* USGS (Added May 27) | 504,000 to 798,000 dal/day
* Outside Estimates | 1,050,000 gal/day
* BP (Worst Case as of May 5) | 2,520,000 gal/day
* Experts' Worst Case | 4,200,000 gal/day
(note you can click "get this widget" to get one for your own blog...)


  1. i wish i didn't have to thank you for posting/linking this.

  2. Arrgh! I can't turn this off, or even the audio so I can hear some of the other youtube things posted. ~:-/


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