30 May 2010

Sunday smörgåsbord

The Pentagon has a "26-page document laying out all the rules and regulations you need to follow to bake appropriate treats for our men and women in uniform."

Germany is experiencing a wave of bee thefts.  "According to the Hamburg-based insurance firm Gaede & Glauerdt, which underwrites apiarists, the number of thefts reported nationwide rose from 164 in 2007 to 306 in 2008."

Do you know what "demonyms" are?  (also called "gentilics").  One click will give you the answer, and a list of them.

I ran across The Food Timeline this week (can't remember where for the via).   It's a rather substantial compilation of info on foods, meals, dining styles, ingredients, and other food-related tidbits, much of it sorted by decades.  You don't need to be a foodie to find something interesting there.

There's always something of interest at Nothing To Do With Arbroath.  This week one curious item was the story of a man who died of uterine cancer (post renal transplant).

To items of note from Neatorama's Upcoming Queue.  First, a heartwarming story about courtesy and sportsmanship in high school sports (details at ESPN).

And a video from the Clio Awards (best advertising etc) that I can't quite describe.  Sort of humorous, sort of poignant, sort of sassy: "What It Feels Like" [to be a younger sibling].

---as always, more to come as I sort through the week's links --

Image: Krönungsmahl Ferdinand I. (Holy Roman Emperor) im Frankfurter Römer 1558, aquarellierte Federzeichnung, today Nuremberg Staatsarchiv Handschrift Nr. 182, fol 233

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  1. Demonyms! I didn't know what they are until recently, myself. Do you know what your state's demonym is? Sometimes there's more than one! I personally like "Massachusettsan".


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