30 May 2010

"100 billion dollars per person..."

" It has been estimated that the mineral wealth resident in the belt of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter would be equivalent to about 100 billion dollars for every person on Earth today..."
Data from the book "Mining the Sky," cited by NASA's Near Earth Object Program.


  1. Or it would be if the law of supply and demand didn't hold. Somehow I think having access to billions of tons of nickel, iron, iridium, and platinum would make those metals about as valuable as grass clippings.

  2. Nolandda, add in the cost of getting to the theasteroids,collecting/mining,delivering and refining the nickel, iron, iridium and platinum and it'll go for a bit more then grass clippings.

  3. The initail costs would be high, but once the supply line is flowing there's profit to be made all around.


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