23 May 2010

Anti-global-warming advertisement

"They Will Come To Town" is supposed to frighten people about the prospects of the consequences of global warming.  From my viewpoint, it makes the future look a little brighter for the planet (if not for humankind).  A win for the whales...


  1. I watched this a few days ago and thought, gee, that sea level rise is a few meters higher than expected...

    And my second thought was the same thing you concluded -- definitely a win for the whales, and a whole lot of other species.

  2. "...a few meters higher than expected..." (!) You can say that again. If the entire Antarctic icecap melted we are talking about 60 meters. From that video most of the Manhattan skyline is at least half underwater and if the bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge then the span the whales are swimming next to is ~41 meters with plenty of water above it. Remember that is if ALL OF ANTARCTICA melts... not likely in any scenario.

  3. Not bad at all. Plus, think of all the added living space in Siberia once it warms up a bit! Siberia is HUGE and largely untapped under the present climate.

    I think y new tagline is going to be: "Embrace Global Warming!"


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