16 May 2010

Hemisection of a VW Beetle

I have fond memories of the Beetle (although this one looks like a newer model than the one I had).  In 1969 I had to quickly buy a car when a certain malefactor poured sugar into the gas tank of my Mustang and ruined the engine.  The brand new VW Beetle cost me $1400 stripped down with just a radio and stick shift.  Had to learn how to drive a stick, and had to endure Dallas weather without air conditioning.  But I drove that bug everywhere for about ten years before finally selling it to my mother, who drove it another 10 years.  A great car.

Here are pix of some of my cars, and a link where you can find pictures of your car(s).

Found at Stop Pointing That Thing At Me, via Sloth Unleashed.


  1. It's an older car if yours was a '69. Models from '68 on had front seats with headrests and different bumpers.

    (I owned a '69 too, but when it was 30 years old. No longer such a good car...)

  2. is it really a 'hemisection' if the car's not actually been sliced into two equal parts? i didn't recall Beetles seating more than 2 people across in the front. this image show people two-deep already.


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