23 May 2010

Palestinian woman

A Palestinian woman whose house has been occupied by Jewish settlers argues with Israelis who came to celebrate Jerusalem Day on May 12, 2010 in front of her disputed house in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.
This was the "Faces of the Day" photo at The Daily Dish.  Credit Ahmad Gharabli/Getty.


  1. Ugh. Sometimes it sucks to be a human.

  2. Nasty bullies. Poor woman.

  3. You are correct. It IS very ugly. The expressions on their faces are so telling.

    And yet . . .

    How many thousands of Israeli families have been forever destroyed by behavior by Palestianians (and others) that is so, so much more than ugly?

    Where are the photos of Israeli bodies blown to pieces by Palestinian bombs?

    At least these very rude and horrible young Israeli men aren't murdering her.

    There are two sides to this issue . . .

  4. G-D will judge them, treating the foreigner in their gates in such a fashion. This was the real sin of Sodom.

  5. Jesus Deana, can't the image exist by itself without the AIPAC commentary? Is this particular woman responsible for blowing the Israeli bodies to pieces? There really aren't two sides to this story, as the "story" here is clearly a case of the strong intimidating the weak. "At least these very rude and horrible young Israeli men aren't murdering her." What the hell does that even mean? So they are to be excused? Please enlighten us.

  6. Sickening how some people treat other people.

    Let's just say, they have it comin'

  7. Pete -

    Nowhere did I indicate that they should be excused. I'm certainly not excusing them. And I have a particular hatred for anyone who mistreats the elderly. It is not clear how old she is but she appears to be older than the young men. Therefore, she is their elder and they should show respect.

    But there ARE two sides to this story. I notice too often there is an automatic sympathy for the Palestinians - where is there ever sympathy for the six year old Israeli girl whose body is blown in half by a Palestinian who has placed a bomb on a bus full of civilians? Or in a pizzeria full of little kids? Where is the sympathy for the child and her grieving parents?

    And where is the sympathy for the devastated Palestinian wife whose husband was tortured by Hamas simply because he wasn't fully toeing the "party line?"

    Look. A great deal of the sorrow that is experienced by the Palestinians is something they have brought on themselves. You should read the recently released "Son of Hamas" by Mosab H. Yousef - it's an extraordinary read and quite insightful.

  8. And this is why there will never be peace between the Hebrews and the Arabs. No one on either side can look at an act of aggression they have committed, no matter what form it takes, without saying, yeah but look what THEY did. It's the mentality of 5 year olds. What do you want, a photo following this that shows Hamas launching rockets into Israel, as a way of justifying these young men?

    And sorry for feeling sympathy for an old woman who's house is being occupied. Ask yourself, if you can, how would YOU feel??

  9. Deana, your position is ridiculous. Israel has always been backed by the USA, both financially and logistically: this means better food, better health assistance and better weapons than the Palestinians would ever even hope to possess. It is foolish to use the murder of Israeli children as an excuse for the massive retaliations and aggressiveness displayed by the Israeli armed forces.
    You need figures? Go here and have a look
    It is evident that this image is an effective representation of the actual situation of the Israel - Palestine conflict.

  10. Oh and speaking about children...
    The site is biased but the figures are solid.


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