31 May 2010

Game counting board

Found at The Nile flood, where the Japanese characters are rendered by Google translate as "Jakkarubajon the top of the world's first board game Seneto." Googling Seneto yields only one relevant hit (and I can't find a translator for the Esperanto there).

This appears to be carved out of ivory.  I wonder if it is Pharaonic in origin.

Via Muton.

Addendum: A hat tip to Kabbu, who knew about Senet, a pre-dynastic Egyptian game


  1. I'm guessing Seneto is another version of Senet.


  2. There's an online Esperanto translator at traduku.net. Processed there, the ruleset looks like
    "Two personalities play usually.
    Ciu must move his bits lau S formative way .
    Antau ciu move one jetas the sticks, that has two faces, bright and black.
    One counts only the bright sticks but if ciuj are black, then the number is 6.
    You must move one bit so much places antauen, how your number is.
    You do not deserve to move your bit where you already have one bit.
    If to where you move is hostile bit, gi will be removed and must start again.
    You do not deserve to remove hostile bit from defended place."

  3. thank you for clearing that up!

  4. The Japanese looks like "World's first board game: Senet - version with jackal pieces." ("Jakkarubajon" = "jackal version" even though it's English transliterated into katakana, it's still tough to recognize)

    Actually, it looks like jackals vs. dogs.

  5. I agree. It does look like jackals and dogs!

  6. I thought it was crib(bage) board.

  7. http://www.eloquentpeasant.com/2010/10/14/its-not-just-a-game-its-a-religion-games-in-ancient-egypt/

    this game is called hounds and jackals. it is a version of senet but senet just means passing in Egyptian :) this site above will clarify things for you

    and yes, it does look a bit like a cribbage board or a counting board, but apparently it was more of a race to the finish game :D

    Hope this helps


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