30 June 2009

This old advertisement is politically incorrect...

...but notable for its content. When someone trashed my Mustang back in the early 1970s (by pouring sugar into the gas tank), I had to sell it for scrap and buy a replacement quickly. With a salary of $100/wk. my choices were limited. Volkswagens of that era were well-crafted, sensible vehicles, with parts interchangeable between model years, lowering the cost of maintenance and repair. As the ad above indicates, the cost of replacing the fender was $25 + labor. I enjoyed having a yellow Beetle for about 8 years, then sold it to my mom, who used it for another 10 years or so.


  1. Yea, the old Volkswagen company was great. Service, parts, craft; all excellent for such inexpensive autos.

    I heartily recommend everyone stay the hell away from Volkswagen now, though. My brother's owned three Volks in two years... each and everyone of them died horrible deaths from malfunctioning parts, with his most recent (a 2008) doing a spectacular job of it, with the engine practically dissembling itself under the hood - right AFTER being serviced... and still in the VW parking lot.

    Me? I walk or bus - and if I wasn't so damn fat, I'd bike. No love for cars...

  2. you're sure to raise some feathers with this one... lmao

  3. @Neo - I think people understand that the ad is 40 years old, that attitudes were different then, and that my reason for posting it was re the design and cost of the VW of that era, not re their macho text.

  4. Reminds me of that full-page parody of a VW ad that ran in the National Lampoon magazine, playing on the reported floatablility of the VW. It read "If Teddy Kennedy drove a VW he's be president today." The ad was so realistic that it generated a flood of complaints to the VW company, and the National Lampoon had to apologize for being so funny.


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