23 June 2009

A clever name for an ice-cream store

Visited by a certain First Family today. Frankly, even though I have been a supporter, I'm a little tired of encountering 15-photo spreads every time someone in that family sneezes.

But I do think the proprietors came up with a clever name for their establishment.

Photo credit to the International Sign Association's Flickr photostream.


  1. I hear you about the photo spreads, but really, they tell you in advance so u you don't have to click through to view them. Just sayin'.

    I think at some point people will get used to the O family out and about and it won't be a news story, like how they don't cover the space shuttle launches much any more. Maybe we'll find ourselves at the Home Depot and there's Obama getting a bag of Turfbuilder Plus and a wiffleball set and we'll be like, meh.

  2. It's like Kennedy all over again, from what I can tell.

    I feel a bit sorry for Obama's family myself.

  3. @Pete - I clicked through trying to find pix of the store sign (finally resorted to Google images), but I agree with you that the 'net doesn't force anything on you.


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