28 June 2009

Summer solstice at Stonehenge

When I visited Stonehenge many years ago, visitors were not allowed near the trilithons - you had to walk along a perimeter pathway outside a fence. This year 36,500 members of the great unwashed public were allowed in to celebrate the solstice and have a massive drinking party. They responded by leaving plastic rubbish all over the place...

Photo credit. Via J-Walk.


  1. Only huge crowds that don't care about the place they're occupying. And one would assume that the people who vied to celebrate summer solstice at Stonehenge wanted to be there for a reason...wouldn't one?

    I guess the mistake would be in assuming that reason was respect for the location.

  2. Disgusting. You would think that people would act honorably at such a distinguished World Wonder. I knew a girl that I observed pick up trash at Walt Disney World. When asked what she was doing she replied "Duh...it Disney World! I don't want it messed up!" We need that attitude for the rest of our planet.

  3. my faith in humanity just died a little bit more.
    Seriously, besides the fact that it's your planet and you should never litter like that, you're at freakin' Stonehenge. Show some intelligence and some respect.

  4. Folks, if you'll remember; The intelligence of a crowd is measured as: The Average IQ or EQ (Intelligence and Emotional Quotient of the Crowd Divided by the number of individuals in said crowd.
    You also have to take in the "He/She did it, why can't/shouldn't I? " and "The Government/Event Organizers/Public Servants/Property Caretakers (take your pick) can gather it up. After all that's what they get paid to do." or "It's empty, what do I need to take it back for?"
    After all, these are normal humans just like me; and I know I have said or thought all of these things at some point in my life. I try really hard not to, but, it does still happen from time to time.
    Stonehenge is but one of a great number of historical and religious sites around the world and therefore should be respected as such. Unfortunately, such respect is not often taught in the home, nor is it held in high esteem out in the world.
    We should all try and teach by example the way to behave on our earth or we will not be listened to by those that were responsible for the building of such places.
    I'm wondering why were so many allowed in? There could not have been a proper solstice ceremony with that many inside the circle, and possibly not even with the many in attendance. The crowd would not have been able to follow the proper protocols. Unless that was an unspoken intent of the event's organizers.


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