19 June 2009

Perpetuum Jazzile performs "Africa"

I noticed this video was posted on several websites this past week, but I was in a hurry and didn't click it. Today it was emailed to me by a friend whose opinions I value, and I'm glad now to have watched/heard it.

The featured song is "Africa," a chart-topper from the early 1980s by Toto. The performers are Perpetuum Jazzile, an a capella jazz choir from Slovenia. What impressed me about the video was not the song itself, but rather the 2-minute introduction during which the choir produces the sounds of a gentle rain in Africa escalating into a thunderstorm.

I suggest starting the video, then looking elsewhere (down this page, or open another tab for browsing) so you can hear the sound effects (note - no instrumental or percussion help). You'll probably then go back to see how it was done.


  1. Thanks Stan, that was totally radically awesome. I have always loved A Capella choirs, especially when mixed with Jazz. I'm going to look these folks up. Thanks.

  2. I almost wonder whether the "english" lyrics are just a simulacrum similar the the awesome rain sound... if they can fake the sound of rain can they fake the sound of english singing?

  3. thanks, enjoyable as I have always liked the band Toto, from the first album with Hold the Line, am now doing a torrent search for a collection of their music

  4. Oh my GOD. That was fantastic! I love inventive performances like that, and totally understand why the audience burst into applause at the first thunderclap. I would have, too.

    And to top it off, Toto? What a great choice, and they performed it beautifully. Especially loved the percussionist. Am now off in search of my Toto IV album...

  5. Superb! I reposted it (with credit, of course) and the reactions have been wonderful! Thanks!

  6. There moments that we experience in life that defy explanation; sights and sounds that leave us with the sheer joy of being alive and being able to appreciate beauty in whatever form. This pre-sentation is one of those moments. All of those beautiful young people sharing with the rest of us a truly breathtaking moment in time. It was beyond wonderful!!

  7. This is fabulous! When we uploaded our videos from that concert, we had not even a slightest clue it will become so popular! We are really blessed that people loved it sooo much. About the pronounciation thingie there - you must understand that we are a happy bunch of volunteers from Slovenia, and a lot of us don't speak English that very well, so we really tried our best here!

    Thank you for all your good will and respect for something we do entirely for personal satisfaction!

    1st tenor @ PJ :)

    P.S.: If anyone is thinking of a trip to Slovenia, 1., 2. and 3. sept. could be a good choice, cause we're having a concert with The Real Group from Sweden. Look them up, they are really great!

    Share the good spirit!


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