30 June 2009

"The Road" - trailer

The novel by Cormac McCarthy was very well written - bleak and somber and depressing, but well written (a Pulitzer prize winner). It will be interesting to see how it translates to the big screen and whether it distinguishes itself from the multitude of other movies with post-apocalyptic settings.


  1. Anybody ever seen my all-time favorite post-apocalypse film, "Glen and Randa"? It was a low-budget indie made in 1971. No special effects, no violence. Innocent, moody, and haunting.

    It just came out on DVD ($20 at Amazon), although the quality is apparently bad. I ordered it, though. I'm dying to see it again.

    Second-favorite post-apocalypse film is "Boy and His Dog" with a very young Don Johnson. Would make a great double-bill.

  2. It looks too colorful. As I read the book, I always imagined it in black and white.
    But still looking forward to watching this!


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