24 June 2009

16-year-old girl weighs 16 pounds

Dubbed "The Girl Who Doesn't Age," Brooke Greenberg has a previously-undescribed condition which in many aspects seems to show an absence of aging of the body. She is infantile in size (on the left, photo above, at age 16, held by her 13-year-old sister), but she does not have ordinary dwarfism. She still has her baby teeth. Her cognition is that of a child. Her bone age is only that of a 10-year old.

She is fortunate to have a loving family and expert medical care. Her physicians are hopeful that sorting out the mechanism for her persistent youthful characteristics might lead to more insights on the normal process of aging.

Full story and more photos at ABC News. Video of the ABC report.


  1. @anonymous - your comment was crude and juvenile. That's why it was deleted.

  2. im watching the movie right now on TLC i am amazed at how strong everyone in the family is and i hope and know everything will be fine with Brooke and her family you all are in my prayers.


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