21 June 2009


Today, Greenland becomes a self-ruling country, responsible for its own judicial affairs, policing, and natural resources (Denmark will continue to control finances, foreign affairs, and defense).

The flag (native term in the title) succeeds the Dannebrog, the white cross on a red field that has symbolized Denmark since the 14th century. Original plans were to continue the cross motif, changing the colors to green and white, but the committee finally selected this "horizontal bicolour of white and red, with a counterchanged disk slightly off-centre towards the hoist."

More details at Wikipedia.


  1. Not to be a spoil sport... congrats Greenland... but I am not big on that flag.

  2. I like the flag.

  3. As flags go, it's a grabber. Wonder what the colors and shapes mean.
    Congratulations, Greenland!

  4. @Butch - you might try glancing at the link...

  5. I saw it as the setting-or rising sun over the sea, and of course, white is the predominant colour in Greenland, of snow, ice, frozen sea. Red is blood, warmth, life, prosperity. Red on white, a hunter's kill, that will feed a family, a village.

    I like the flag, and I like that it breaks from the dannebrog, gives Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaat, its own identity.



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