19 June 2009

Opposition to current budgetary appropriations

"As Americans struggle through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, this emergency supplemental appropriations bill sends billions of dollars overseas as foreign aid. Included in this appropriation is $660 million for Gaza, $555 million for Israel, $310 million for Egypt, $300 million for Jordan, and $420 million for Mexico. Some $889 million will be sent to the United Nations for “peacekeeping” missions. Almost one billion dollars will be sent overseas to address the global financial crisis outside our borders and nearly $8 billion will be spent to address a 'potential pandemic flu.'"


  1. ..and then there's the $25 per PERSON we'll be spending on the 2010 census. For that amount we could hire someone to spend a couple of hours talking to EVERY HOUSEHOLD in the country!


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