24 June 2009

Bing search engine

Bing is apparently a reincarnation/reworking of Windows Live Search and MSN Search, which I never used, so I can't offer a comparison. Wikipedia has a description of the search engine capabilities and features. It has received some perhaps unwanted publicity recently because of this aspect -
Bing's video search tool has a preview mode that could potentially be used to preview pornographic videos.By simply turning off safe search, users can search for and view pornographic videos by hovering the cursor over a thumbnail, since the videos and audio in some cases is cached on Microsoft's Server.
I have found it to be useful for image searches; the number retrieved don't seem to match Google Image Search, but the relevance seems to be excellent and the formatting of presentation is attractive.

1 comment:

  1. Please, someone give google a run for there money.

    And on a different note: perhaps your readers would be interested in:

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