05 June 2009

The next Mars rover is named Curiosity

The name comes courtesy of Clara Ma, a 12-year-old sixth-grade student at Sunflower Elementary school in Lenexa, Kan... Nine finalists have been invited to provide messages to be placed on a microchip mounted on Curiosity. The microchip also will contain the names of thousands of people around the world who have "signed" their names electronically via the Internet. Additional electronic signatures still are being accepted via the Internet.
Via NAACAL, whence the image.

p.s. - That last sentence intrigued me, so I checked the NASA Mars program website. Now, my name (with middle name "TYWKIWDBI") is going to Mars! Here's the link where you can send your name to Mars!!

Addendum: After you sign up to have your name placed on the microchip to go to Mars, you can print out a "Certificate of Participation." I've just found that you can add someone else's name and print out the certificate to send to them.


  1. Thanks for the tip! BTW, since I can't pronounce your blog, I've taken to referring to it as Tae Kwon Do..

  2. Officially, the blog is pronounced Tie-Wiki-Widby, but Taekwondo is fine. :.)


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