15 June 2009

I am so angry with [country] that I would like to wipe its people off the face of the earth

What country was being spoken of, and who was the speaker?

Not Ahmadinejad speaking of Israel. That quote comes from President Theodore Roosevelt referring to Cuba, which he called "that infernal little Cuban republic" in the letter (Roosevelt to White, Sept. 13, 1906, Roosevelt Papers, Library of Congress).

I'm not going to discuss Cuba here - still trying to understand why the U.S. has such a difficult time dealing with the country and why we have maintained such a punitive approach for so many years. I've started Lars Schoultz' book and may report on it later.


  1. Got an email from Orbitz.com (the travel website!) earlier today asking me to sign a petition to open up Cuba for vacation. Crazy but cool!

  2. Listen to Chomsky's Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind Disc 2 Track 3 U.S. and Cuba.


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