02 May 2010

A Russian plumber...

...who reportedly doesn't know why people keep staring at him on the street.

Source, via.


  1. Okay, I give up. Who is the spitting image of?

    I lost my cultural IQ after the death of John Wayne.

  2. Hugh Laurie, or Dr. House of the Fox show House.

  3. Now I get it! The Prince of Wales in Blackader.

    Thank you, Anastasia. My only granddaughter's name as well.

    Does anybody know a program that can calculate the relationship of the son of George III and Anastasia Romanov?

  4. I asked my wife, who replied -

    No, but George III was the grandfather of Queen Victoria, who was the great-grandmother of Anastasia.

    George III -> Edward, Duke of Kent -> Victoria -> Alice -> Alix (Alexandra) -> Anastasia

    And she notes that George III had several sons, if that enters into your calculations.

    Does that help?

  5. I looked for a second and thought "Wow, he's a dead ringer for House"

  6. First cousin, 4th Removed? Ms Minnesotatan, please help.

    Anastasis is also a nom de plume.

    She claims to be 17! Scary, if true. She is already great!

    Finally, I decided to watch "House" last night Terrible! The medicine is awful. Get Blackadder on BBS America.


  7. When in doubt, search TYWKIWDBI. I remembered this from last year -


    If you plug in Anastasia as "me" on the chart, then Queen Victoria is great-grandmother in upper right corner. Then imagine two more levels for her grandfather George III. Looks like his son would be a great great great great uncle of Anastasia.

    But I'm not sure. Does it matter?

  8. No, it doesn't but it is a lot more productive than Chris Matthews talking to Schumer about the Times Square farce, who is going to win in UK or whether Blankfein and Madoff would be good cellmates.

    Over and out.


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