05 June 2009

Photos from the Brooklyn Museum

Three selections from the Museum's photostream. Francophiles may be interested in browsing more carefully through the several hundred pix of the Paris Exhibition. I don't know whether the color images above are early French autochromes, or whether they were carefully hand-tinted.

And I discover that someone had invented "moving sidewalks" by the turn of the century. More history (and another picture from the Parisian Exposition Universelle at Wikipedia.) You learn something every day.

Photo credits for Paris Exposition: street scene, unidentified, Paris, France, 1900, Paris Exposition: moving sidewalk, Paris, France, 1900. Moving Sidewalk, and Street scene, Istanbul, Turkey, 1903. Survey 1903. Constantinople; Bread seller.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think the pictures are autochromes. You cannot see the "grainy" texture which is the result of the process using potato starch. I think it has been colored afterwards. Not to mention the lack of shadows in the dresses.
    When I look at the first picture though, I could easily imagine an autochrome, but with extra colors added afterwards. Funny!
    I'll take a deeper look at the other pictures when I have some time.


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