13 June 2009

How to make butter

I'm tempted to say it's "as easy as pie," but that would be an unfortunate simile, since making butter is much easier. I probably should have known all this because my mom's side of the family were Minnesota Norwegian dairy farmers who used a separator in the barn to collect the cream (the whey was fed to calves), and they drove the metal containers of cream to the creamery in their Model T, where they got butter and credit for other purchases (in what was largely a non-cash economy during the Depression years).

I'm going to give the above method a try. I probably won't blog the result, unless the lid comes off the jar, in which case I'll blog it under "butterflies."

Addendum: For those who prefer text to video, there's a good writeup at Mother Earth News.

Update: I made some butter; it came out just fine - soft and spreadable, tasted good (needed salt).


  1. My mother and I stayed with my grandparents in Stoughton WI while my dad served in the Navy in WWII. I remember helping my grandmother churn butter in a wooden butter churn.

  2. that was very interesting, I am reminded of a dairy farm we lived close to in Stone Mountain, Ga went there with school once and a young boy was given milk straight out of a cow, the farmer just aimed and squeezed, lol
    Was so long ago.


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