24 July 2013


Walking Men Worldwide™ is a photographic collage of pedestrian traffic images from cities around the world, collected by Maya Barkai in collaboration with hundreds of professional and amateur photographers. In January 2010, the project made it’s [sic] debut on the construction site of 99 Church Street in Manhattan, NYC...
Via Rob's Webstek, where it is noted that one of the few female walking stick-figures, is "Sophie", the icon from Amersfoort, depicted with a ponytail, miniskirt, and high heels (here).


  1. I walk by this on my commute to work every day. I still have no idea where some of the places are. :)

  2. Most of the walk icons are stick figures have no gendered features, just a basic representation of shared human shape. We could assume they are all women except the ones with hats indicating otherwise (even then, women wear hats).

    It is sexist then, to assume the neutral figures are male. Men are not the standard with women a deviation - when we see a neutral, we should assume it is a person.

  3. The iconic green man from East Berlin, later adopted in the western part of the city when they were joined, should have been on it.

    When I was young, I thought they were all made by the same factory and so the same everywhere. It's nice we can be creative in the most boring looking endeavours.



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