12 July 2013

"Dabs" explained

...“dabs,” a type of solidified hash oil also known as “concentrates,” BHO (Butane Hash Oil) or more popularly, “wax”—so-named for its texture and glassy appearance. While no one person has taken credit for developing its extraction formula, the substance first started to appear out west about five years ago, but has since experienced galloping popularity... Most commonly created by a technique in which high quality pot is blasted with butane that is then extracted, these cannabis concentrates approach 70%-to-90% THC... the new product is so superior, buds will eventually disappear, at least among, “our generation,”—users under 40. “Dabs are the future of cannabis, both recreational and medicinal,” he adds...

This conflict was aired by, of course, High Times, in a story titled “To Dab or Not to Dab.” While mostly positive in keeping with the magazine’s avowed pro-cannabis theme, the piece shed light on the negative consequences that have popped up from the burgeoning dabs trend. Among incidents related to its production and use were untrained cooks “blowing themselves up” blasting butane in jury-rigged home labs, and “overdoses,” which as with strong marijuana are not fatal but involve extreme discomfort to the point of freaking out for long periods of time...

...he’ll fortify himself throughout the day with nail-sized hits from a small vaporizer that resembles an e-cigarette. This delivery-system has a built in advantage to weed: near invisibility to law-enforcement.
More information at Animal, via The Dish.


  1. Daggone. I took one look at the picture accompanying this article and thought, "Another Paula Deen dish!"


  2. Yeah, it took me till the third sentence to figure out they weren't developing a special kind of oil that gives ham and potato hash an especially good crunch.

  3. Some dude just about killed himself recently doing this here in the Bay Area.


  4. I wonder how many people, like me, don't really care for this race to product cannabis that gets you wasted as soon as you get the first whiff. To me, that's like deciding to drink Everclear because you want to get drunk quickly. Relatively low-THC-content weed allows one to control the level of intoxication much easier than the super strains so prized today, where one toke gets you wasted. Ninety percent of the time, if I smoke, I don't want to get wasted...just a bit of a buzz.

    1. I hear you and fully agree with your sentiment. But, I understand why there's the drive to concentrate drugs such as pot and cocaine. Our legal system doles out the legal penalties for being caught with these drugs by the ounce. Under a certain number and you get a slap on the wrist. Over that number, you're looking at serious jail time. By concentrating the drugs, you can have a week's supply and still be under the magic number. It's just another example of hour our criminalization of drugs is causing more harm than good.

  5. Great. I haven't gotten high in 40 years, and now you make me want to try this stuff.

  6. I will confess here; lat Nov. I did this at an old friend's home during the holiday. I am a very healthy mid forties man given more to business and yoga than smoking and joking but once in a blue moon..I have sk oke on and off for over twenty years high end A list bud always. One hit is all I took and it was like two full joints ( cigarettes). Also I should note the effect was very clear headed not cloudy confused tired or distracted but clear and energenic. The effect one gets is proportional to the plants thc: cbd ratios etc... the old sativa ( clear up high vs indica (more sit down and contemplate the valley below) choice. Personally I think one would have to be completely unaware of basic physics to cause harm to one's self and or castle. Either way I personally found the effects delightful and lasted nearly four hours by a fire place on a great New England day. Breakfast was delicious.

  7. Something else I also learned, 7/10 (July 10th) id "Dab Day". Turn the number 7/10 and it spells OIL ... get it? haha. I didn't even know about this stuff until a few months ago when one of my smoking buddies bought me a vaporizer for oil (i.e. "dabs"), at which point he went to his car and got a butane torch and some other silly contraptions. Needless to say I got hella high.

  8. Invisible to law enforcement until they do the drug test and test your blood or urine.

  9. This is all very interesting on a sort of Alchemical level, but the effects are really not all that old skool *pot* like. As Spartacus says above, you don't get stoned, you get HIGH. Strictly speaking this Butane fueled dabbing phase will be soon be overtaken by "Shatter Hash" et al, which can use CO2 under pressure as a solvent, instead of Butane and so is much less likely to end in fireballs. Do a Google image search for "Shatter Hash" to see what it looks like - clear pieces of amber!

  10. Nail sized. I most often use 90mm brights, second most I use 75mm galvanised annulars (for the flooring and decking), penultimately it's 90mm galvanised on the subframe, and then 38mm brights for the wall linings, but they are more like brads than nails maybe.
    Of course they could mean finger nail sized, be it Danny Da Vito or Andre the Giant.
    The doctor I use often gets the drug dosage wrong on the concoctions he dreams up for me, resulting in my having long naps when I should really be awake ... perhaps I should instead, embrace this Karate Kid Kulture and ... wax on, wax off ?
    Ah, just say NO to drug.


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